STOP THE WAR NOW! has been a rallying cry for millenium against war and violence.

About this site

“Stop The War Now!” was the name of a grassroots Washington, DC group against the US/NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. The title was used by other groups worldwide that year, as it had been in the past and is  even today. (The peace symbol for that war, created by Serbians, was the target symbol. It still can be used by other nations today!)

After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks many of we same activists from that group formed a new grassroots group, calling it the DC Anti-War Network (DAWN). It was committed to stopping U.S. imperialism and the wars on Afghanistan, Iraq and the Palestinian people.  We were particularly concerned about a new war, this time on Iran.  We initiated numerous events and protests against the wars and the war lobbies that made sure those wars happened.  DAWN disbanded in 2007 as energy waned, activists moved on to more narrowly focused groups, and sectarianism and personality conflicts flourished among the few remaining and DAWNThis site was started in 2005 by Carol Moore, a member of both groups, and a persistant anti-nuclear, peace/anti-war/nonviolence and libertarian activist since 1979.  Its original purpose was to focus especially on neoconservatives, war lobbies and protests against them. Protests by both anti-war groups are reported at this site’s protest photos page and/or at CarolMoore.Net/photos. I am updating all my personal and political sites and thus have now reworked the purpose of this site and am slowly updating it.

Why the emphasis on “patriarchy”?

During DAWNs 5.5 years of activism major internal issues were male dominance in the group and allied groups, promotion of property destruction and street violence by male-dominated “black blocs”, and even outright sexism and sexual assault. Even the issue of possible male pedophiles among us was raised in at least two groups.  Even today women activists long seeking respect and an equal say in some peace groups still find womens’ issues and viewpoints dismissed, in person and online, even as new issues facing primarily males quickly have been made important talking points.

Moreover, as women took to the internet on email lists and in blogs, social media and sites like Wikipedia*, males hiding behind anonymous handles increasingly expressed hostility towards women opinionators and activists.  Women cannot let themselves and their concerns be suppressed in activist groups or online forums.

Like many women activists I wonder, “How can we stop the neconservatives and neoliberals who are driving us into more violent Middle East wars, war against Iran, and even war on Russia and China? How can we possibly stop them when the same attitudes of submission to alpha males, dismissal of the voices of women not aligned with alpha males, and even violence as a means of proving manhood rule the peace and anti-war movements?!”

The best way to stop imperialism and war??

  •  Eliminate the values, attitudes and institutions of patriarchy and
  •  Dissolve the most destructive institutions of patriarchy, the organized violence of militaries and the large nation states. These hold together disgruntled sub-groups through force and by threatening war against their neighbors or against the terrorism created by their oppressive violence.

See Carol Moore’s site Secession.Net (also to be updated soon) which hopefully will help organize the nonviolent, non-patriarchal radical decentralist revolution that finally will bring us world peace.  Hopefully this page’s “under construction” sections on patriarchal violence and war – and the need for women to organize against them both – will be useful to that effort!stwn secede graphic

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Recommended links:

antiwarcom-smalllogoFor the most up-to-date news and opinion check out ANTIWAR.COM daily. I do! Note that it has news and opinion links going back several years for every nation state.

Code Pink * Council for the National Interest * Libertarians for Peace * * Physicians for Social Responsibility * StopIranWar.Com * StopWaronIran.Org * UK Stop the War coalition * Union of Concerned Scientists, USA * United for Peace and Justice * US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation * War Resisters League * War Tax Resistance

Photos from just a few past protests:


2 stop nato

2 stopsigns2

sr-whitehouse2006 2 stopsigns


Collage of feminist “stop the war” memes:


*   Gentlemen's club 87 per cent of Wikipedia's entries are written by men Note that Wikipedia is a male-dominated site, with less than 15% of editors admitting to being women. Editors assumed or known to be women who challenge the usually anonymous male editors often are harassed.  When trolls run off educated and talented women, the site’s accuracy and relevance suffer.  I link to many of its articles here, but always assume male bias and double check the sources for any citation of fact.

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