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Military moves that challenge and threaten Russia and China have been ongoing since the 1990s Bill Clinton administration. If elected Hillary Clinton promises to continue those aggressive efforts. Donald Trump probably would do so out of ignorance, arrogance and the need to distract the populace from his general incompetence.

Attempts to initiate war on Muslim Shiite Iran started seriously in 2002. (The old, still included page, details these moves from 2002-2005 only.)

More recently evidence indicates that the United States and allied nations have been fomenting civil war in Syria to remove its Shiite-allied leader since before 2011. Meanwhile U.S. troops are going back into Iraq to fight Muslim Sunnis to benefit Shiites allied with Iran. This is a typically confused and counter-productive interventionist foreign policy.

More on all of that to come. This page will include other relevant articles and analysis about United States imperialism, war lobbies, political and military aggression and war, especially over the last 25 years.

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